In a reconsideration, an individual who did not participate in the first decision will do a complete review of your claim. To begin this step of the appeals process, you may write to the SSA, complete this social security disability appeal form, or file online. You or your representative must make a written request for reconsideration no later than 60 days after receiving the original determination’s written notice. In addition to new evidence, all of the evidence submitted when the first decision was made will be considered.

In most reconsiderations, the individual who filed the appeal of the original decision is not required to be present. However, you may meet with a Social Security representative to show why you believe that you still have a disability if the original decision was that you are no longer eligible for disability benefits because of an improved medical condition.

Unfortunately, the chances of winning a social security disability appeal at this stage are relatively low. On average, the reconsideration approval rate is only about 13%.

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