Approval Rates on the Rise for Social Security Disability Benefits in 2020

Disability Approval

Today, the SSA (Social Security Administration) released the nationwide approval and denials rates for each level of the SSDI decision-making process for 2020. According to the statistics initial application, reconsideration and hearing levels approval rates increased over the past 12-months. However, disability claimants wait times increased across all levels. Resulting in a more lengthy process for social security disability (SSDI) applicants. This was a result of the majority of SSA offices being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find the Annual Performance Report for the Fiscal Year 2020 by Clicking Here.

Key Disability Wait Times

  • Initial Application – 763,747 Pending Applicants – 131 Days to Process Application
  • Reconsideration (1st Appeal) – 143,781 Pending Claims – 122 Days to Process Claim
  • Hearing – 418,313 Pending Hearings – 386 Days to Process Hearing

Key Decision Win Rates for 2020

  • Initial Application – 39% up from 37% in 2019
  • Reconsideration – 14% up from 13% in 2019
  • Hearing – 49% up from 45% in 2019



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